WCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, AustriaWCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, AustriaWCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, Austria
WCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, Austria
WCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, Austria
WCTE 2016 – World Conference on Timber Engineering, August 22-25, 2016 | Vienna, Austria

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Premium Partners

KLH Massivholz GmbH is the pioneer, the global leading expert and most experienced manufacturer of large-sized cross laminated timber elements, which are used worldwide under the brand name “KLH” (in English “CLT”). Together with customers KLH creates forward-thinking creative architectural solutions and has a professional approach to handle ambitious and complex projects. As a project partner, KLH can provide you a wide range of technical support for sustainable, innovative and efficient building solutions. The products itself are used as structural walls, ceilings and roofing elements.

The sole owner of the company KLH is the Johann Offner Group, an international for 250 year’s family-owned company with its head office in Wolfsberg, Austria.

After several years of research and development in cooperation with the Technology University of Graz and numerous research institutes and audit authorities, the production plant was opened in 1999. KLH has representation offices in 17 countries worldwide and subsidiaries in United Kingdom (KLH UK Ltd. since 2005) and the United States of America (KLH US Holding Corp. since 2014).

The internal KLH R&D department with its own research facilities is constantly committed to improve  the product (fire protecting, sounds insulation, useful life, thermal insulation, living climate, quality of material and active climate protection) to make a substantial contribution to preserving an environment worth living in. With technical approvals and certificates, e.g. the European Technical Approval, Approval for Germany, France and Spain, ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management, PEFC and FSC® KLH actively contributes towards the protection of the environment.

KLH has received a number of international awards and realized 16000 reference buildings worldwide so far.

Rotho Blaas is an Italian multinational company based in the Alpine region. As a leading developer and provider of high technology solutions for the timber construction sector, Rotho Blaas offers a wide range of products to wood professionals.
Fastening systems as structural screws, concealed joints, angle brackets and all other assembly and fastening systems which carpenters may require.

Waterproofing systems, include specific accessories for sealing and ventilation.
Fall Protection systems including lifelines, individual anchoring points and personal protection equipment.

Our aim has always been to bring innovation into the wood construction sector through continuous research and development of our products and services. That’s why Rotho Blaas develops on its own most of its products from conception up until its launch on the market.
This gives Rotho Blaas the necessary know-how about how professionals work and enables us to offer a personalized support and solutions which are perfectly suited to our customers’ requirements. In fact, besides our products, we offer also numerous calculation softwares and a 360° technical consultancy service in 5 languages for designers.
Today Rotho Blaas is present in 30 countries with 7 international logistics centers, more than 250 members of staff and a constantly growing sales network. 

The know-how gained in over 20 years of experience in the wood construction sector makes  Rotho Blaas to the perfect partner for designing and building in wood.


The Hasslacher Norica Timber Group's headquarters are located where the company was founded in Sachsenburg. For generations we have been responsible for the sustainable and integrated usage of wood. We believe in the importance of the renewable resource wood as not only a versatile building material but also as an environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral source of energy. Thus, our brilliantly trained teams work hand in hand to make use of the precious resource wood to maximise sustainability) – for our customers and for our future.

We process our valuable wood from tree trunk to the finished roof truss. As a manufacturer of derived timber products and system solutions in timber construction as well as a supplier of energy, we process our valuable wood in its entirety. We supply sawn, planed and glued timber as well as pellets, panel products, timber construction systems and pallets for the global market. We put our name to our products achieving the highest quality standards.

hsbcad GmbH - BIM for the Timber Building Industry

hsbcad software provides solutions to convert architectural design into a production design and data without any loss of information. The solutions are based on the intelligent AutoCAD® Architecture 3D Model interfacing directly with the renowned Autodesk environment and with AutoCAD® base functionality providing familiarity and maximum flexibility.

hsbcad is providing packages for all segments of the timber building industry e.g. Prefab House Industry (Stickframe), Carpentry, CLT Producers and Builders, Glulam Producers and Builders, Log Home Industry and others more. hsbcad also provides export formats to all established CNC-suppliers.

hsbcad is developed since over 25 years and combines newest technologies with high level of experience.

The Mayr-Melnhof Holz Group with its head office in Leoben was founded in 1850 and is owned by the F. Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau Industrie Holding GmbH. The Company is structured into sawn timber and the processing divisions. The three sawmill plants are located at Leoben (Austria), Paskov (Czech Republic) and Efimovski (Russia). Timber processing is carried out at three different locations: in Gaishorn (Austria), Reuthe (Austria) and Richen (Germany). The Mayr-Melnhof Holz timber construction production programme includes glued-laminated timber and special components, laminated ceiling elements, cross-laminated timber and concrete formwork technology. In addition, the product portfolio features briquettes and pellets produced at different locations. The Mayr-Melnhof Holz Holding AG is one of the market leader in the glued-laminated timber segment. It is also the driving force behind the increasingly popular cross-laminated timber trend and is a key player in the successful development of the entire timber processing industry. In order to consolidate its leading position in the product portfolio, the company is dedicating significantly more resources to research and innovation and plans further major investment for the future. The fringe areas of the value-added chain are the precise point where new product and process developments are both possible and necessary. It is not only the customers who benefit from such improvements. The entire industry stands to gain.

Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wood and paper on global markets. Our aim is to replace non-renewable materials by innovating and developing new products and services based on wood and other renewable materials. We employ some 27 000 people in more than 35 countries, and our sales in 2014 were EUR 10,2 billion. Stora Enso shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (STEAV, STERV) and Stockholm (STE A, STE R). In addition, the shares are traded in the USA as ADRs (SEOAY) in the International OTCQX over-the-counter market.

Stora Enso’s Wood Products division provides versatile wood-based solutions for building and housing. Our product range covers all areas of urban construction including massive wood elements and housing modules, wood components and pellets. We also offer a variety of sawn timber goods. Our customers are mainly construction and joinery companies, merchandisers and retailers. Wood Products operates globally and has more than 20 production units in Europe.


Timbatec is one of the leading European Timber Engineering companies, founded in 1997. In four local branches (Thun, Bern, Zurich, Vienna) our 30 employees planned over 1900 multi-storey

buildings, industrial buildings and bridges, made out of wood. As well, we are developing modern timber products.

The combined expertise in Timber Engineering, Construction Physics and Fire Safety assure our clients an efficient and safe planning process, so interface problems are avoided in advance. We

accompany our customers through factory and site supervision until the successful completion.


  • Timber Engineering: Consulting, Fire safety, Structural design, Earthquake design, Account costing, Process planning
  • Construction Physics: Consulting, Energy performance certificate, Acoustic protection concepts, Renovation concepts, Quality control
  • Product Development: Consulting, Development projects, Research projects, Documentation, Standards creation

Timber Structures 3.0 AG (TS3)On 12.05.2014 the Timber Structures 3.0 AG was founded in Thun. It is 100% owned by the Timbagroup Holding AG, which is 100% owned by Stefan Zöllig.


All known timber systems allow only uniaxial bearing effect so far. Biaxial bearing systems, as they are common in concrete ceilings, are not found in the timber construction. The reason for this is that

there is no technique to connect timber elements rigidly to a plate.


Looking for a new approach Timbatec developed a floor slab with a column grid of 8 x 8 m and a payload of 500 kg/mÇ. The newly developed system will lead to a breakthrough in larger volume

buildings. Even more, the initiators are convinced to have found the gateway to the next – the third - generation in the timber structures. Therefore, this new development is called "Timber Structures

3.0", short “TS3”.

Proof of Concept

2015 an apartment building in Thun with 230 mÇ was created with the new ceiling system and thus provided the proof of the suitability.

Intellectual Property

Two patents were filed in EU and USA: one for the end-grain bonding of wood and one for entire buildings.


For the development around CHF 1 million was spent so far. Further CHF 4.0 million are required for the industrial applications maturity and the market launch. The TS3 business model is largely scalable, can be used worldwide and has minimal risks for users and  environment.


Collano - Your best connection for timber construction

When timber construction plays a key role, our word is our bond that your expectations will be met. This is because our core know-how and experience lie in high-quality and intelligent adhesive solutions.

After all, our roots go back to the year 1947. Our many years of experience and the know-how gained during this time enable us to help to shape the future of timber construction with our innovations.

Prompted by the regular exchange of ideas and information in the timber industry, we are constantly developing new and innovative adhesive solutions for use in timber construction. This is made possible by in-house research, development and applications engineering as well as state-of-the-art facilities and test equipment and close cooperation with customers, suppliers, institutes of higher education and institutions.

Profit from our technical expertise in the production and assembly of glued joints with wood, wood-based materials and hybrid elements. You will discover that your personal contact is a straightforward and passionate application engineering consultant.

Dedicated, expert and reliable: Collano is your partner for advice, service and products from a single source. Which means that there are no limits to your projects.


Fermacell GmbH is a member of the Xella Group, which operates internationally in the lime and building materials market. Fermacell GmbH produces and distributes its products in Europe and further afield in the Middle East and overseas. In Germany and central Europe the company holds a leading position for products used in timber-frame construction and dry lining. Internationally fermacell has around 680 employees working at 5 production sites and in 12 sales offices.


The use of timber as a building material means that complex topics such as fire protection, structural analysis, sound insulation, moisture protection and thermal insulation must be considered.

Fermacell GmbH offers an extensive range of economical and high-performance solutions for timber-frame constructions, dry lining and structural fire protection.


fermacell products, such as gypsum fibreboards, dry flooring elements and the waterproof and weather-resistant Powerpanel boards have been used successfully for many years on account of their numerous advantages, such as fire protection, sound insulation or their pure and natural ingredients. Thanks to their enormous strength and load-bearing capacity, they are used with structural relevance in timber-frame constructions and due to their other material and application properties, they are ideal for economical timber construction.


The building materials and systems possess the appropriate national and European suitability certificates/approvals:

  •  ETA – European Technical Approvals
  • abP – General Building Inspectorate Test Certificates
  • abZ – General Building Inspectorate Approvals
  • Expert reports

FunderMax “For people who create”

Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is always to be found at the interface between ideas and materials. We understand architects, processors and the furniture industry – as well as the genuine decision-makers: your customers.

What we do:

We think about the issues, we develop the products and we create them. Our strength lies in well thought out wood-based materials and compact laminates. We see ourselves as a production facility, a service partner and a design laboratory. Only because we are highly competent in all three fields can we make top-class performance a matter of course.

What we are proud of:

We stand for sustainability, wherever you look: creative brains who are already making an active mark today on the design and product trends of the future; materials created from sustainable resources; and energy that is sustainably produced and supplies “green” electricity and district heating far beyond our own requirements.

Where we are:

Basically all over the world – because ideas and products made by FunderMax are as familiar in the residential buildings of France as in the laboratories of Asia and the furniture of Italy. Our home locations are in Austria where more than 1,000 people work with commitment and passion on the quality of our solutions and materials.

ISOCELL  - the specialist for cellulose insulation and airtight products

As a specialist for cellulose insulation and airtightness, ISOCELL focuses on two of the most important topics in the field of energy-efficient building shells. For more than 20 years, we offer and develop solutions for low-energy and passive houses in new building and renovation projects. All products from the ISOCELL system portfolio are perfectly matched solutions for targeted and professional application in all thermal insulation and sealing work. The Isocell system concept: Insulating and sealing to a system does not mean: “Here we have a product – now let’s look for a problem it can solve,” or “They will know what to do with it”. BUT RATHER: “Advice regarding the best possible solutions for insulation, roof underlays and airtightness systems with perfectly matched products”. Reliability for installers and planners due to the system guarantee. Always up to date due to membership in standardisation boards and technical committees and as a partner for projects carried out by testing and research institutes and universities. More than 20 years of experience in the processing of blown-in insulation and airtightness systems, more than 600 airtightness measurements on buildings sites every year, continuous in-house research and development as well as the ongoing cooperation with research institutes and universities form the basis for the expansion of the product portfolio and the unique Europe-wide expertise of ISOCELL. From its headquarters in Neumarkt, ISOCELL steers the Europe-wide sales of its system solutions. The ISOCELL Academy, the training centre for sales partners is also located there, which, with more than 500 participants a year in expert seminars and discussion meetings, has established itself in the industry as a platform for the systematic transfer of know-how. The production of the cellulose insulation takes place at five own factories in Hartberg (Austria), Schoppen (Belgium), Plourin-lès-Morlaix and Servian (both in France) and, since 2013, in Tibro (Sweden).


Between 8 and 11 March 2017, Fiera Milano Rho Will be hosting the eighth MADE expo, the biennial fair that is the benchmark for the world of architecture, construction and building. Following on from its successful 2015 edition (1,450 enterprises, of which 279 international firms and over 208,000 attendees, of whom 36,000 from outside Italy), the event is poised to strengthen its role as the key event for building industry recovery, which in Italy is underway at last. Figures from Centro Studi FederlegnoArredo confirm that 2016 will see increased investment in residential construction totalling 132.5 billion euros.

An event with an increasingly international reach
Data from a survey commissioned from TNS on foreign visitors to the most recent Fair revealed highly positive opinions: 71% stated that they were satisfied with their visit, and that they come to MADE expo because in their opinion it is the industry’s benchmark event. Seventy-six percent said they would come back and visit again.

An ever richer and more varied events programme
Once again in 2017, four halls combine to create a single overarching specialist system for design, building and regeneration: MADE Costruzioni Materiali, MADE Involucro Serramenti, MADE Interni Finiture, and MADE Software Tecnologie e Servizi.

A number of interesting international developments are in the pipeline for the 2017 event, starting with the “Forum Holzbau”, which joins MADE expo for the first time – at this event, Italian and international speakers will be analysing a market that is displaying attractive margins for growth.

MADE expo has struck a significant partnership with the prestigious Archmarathon international competition: around thirty pre-selected design practices will be coming to the Fair from all over the world to foster an exchange of ideas, know-how and international relations.

The Fair programme is more appealing than ever, with the return of events that have attracted thousands of industry professionals to the Fair – the BuildSmart arena, the Forum Serramenti, and MADE4Contract for contract business with a focus on finishings and surfaces – along with brand new innovation-led opportunities such as MADE for StartUP, a project that pursues the ambition of uniting creators while fostering innovation in architecture and the construction industry.

Xylexpo at MADE: Wood closes the circle
Another exciting new development is the partnership with the Associazione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Lavorazione Legno (Acimall) at the “spazio Xylexpo”, a space dedicated exclusively to the working of solid wood and windows/doors, confirming MADE expo as the major one-stop point of reference for the building envelope.

Visiting MADE expo made easier through special deals
Special deals have been arranged with train companies and airlines to help visitors organize their visit to MADE expo. In addition, the HelmsBriscoe dedicated portal lets visitors book select hotels with immediate confirmation of availability and organize their stay by accessing other services including flights, car hire, chauffeurs and events in town.

Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) was formed in January 1992 based on the initiative of the wood-based industry to spearhead the global marketing and promotion of the Malaysian timber products as well as nurture the development of the wood-based industry and augment the supply of raw materials.

The Council is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act 1965 and is governed by a Board of Trustees whose members are appointed by the Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities.


Rubner Holzbau – Europe´s leading enterprise for the construction of large timber buildings

The constant desire for innovation and decades of experience with technically complex and architecturally fascinating projects make Rubner Holzbau the ideal partner for large timber engineering projects all over Europe.
Besides glued laminated timber, Rubner Holzbau also provides prefabricated roof and wall panels, timber-glass-façades, turnkey building envelopes and complete timber building solutions as well as cross-laminated timber panels.

Thanks to the wide range of services and products, at the three Rubner Holzbau production facilities in Ober-Grafendorf (AT), Bressanone (IT) and Calitri (IT) and at its design and sales subsidaries all over Europe, solutions are proposed – and adopted worldwide – for all needs of industrial and commercial buildings, sports facilities, shopping centers, churches, cultural and congress centers, bridges and housing complexes, both in public and private sector.

Architects, designers and clients can rely on integrated in-house processes for realization of the design and detail planning, production, “just-in-time” delivery and assembly. The special strengths of the enterprise appear in the range of engineering capability, production capacity and know-how. The expert structural designers at Rubner Holzbau operate, as from the first stages of consultancy and estimation, in direct contact with the sales engineers in order to guarantee the execution of the projects at the highest technical level.


Services and products

• Design, fabrication and assembly of complex timber structures for various applications

• Special glulam elements, prefabricated roof and wall elements for construction of large-size halls

• Turnkey building envelopes or complete timber structure solutions

• Timber-glass-façades

• Agricultural multi-purpose halls

• Solid timber elements for walls, roofs and floors, in cross-laminated timber panels

• Timber buildings of small, medium and large size.


The Rubner Group:

Rubner Holzbau is a company within the Rubner Group, which unites the wood industry, building construction, house building, door and window manufacturing and timber engineering business fields under one roof. The name Rubner represents a third-generation passion for wood. The family-run company is dedicated to innovative and ecologically sustainable processing of wood and to modern timber construction. The strength of the group lies in the fact that all the companies share the same passion for wood and their high levels of experience and expertise. The group has full control over the value-added process from the raw wood taken from sustainably managed forests to the finished timber product. With 1,500 employees and production sites and subsidiaries in Italy, Austria, Germany, and France, Rubner has an annual turnover of about EUR 360 million.

SPAX International

We get involved – at home and abroad

SPAX is a company with a long-standing tradition and a great future. Meanwhile, our SPAX brand has become available all over the world. Nevertheless, we know where we belong. That is why we remain loyal to the “Made in Germany” commitment and will also keep our Ennepetal site in the future. Furthermore: We are actively involved in many areas here in particular. For instance, we provide dedicated and qualified vocational training in our apprenticeship workshop at the Ennepetal site. Being involved in our local community is part of our corporate philosophy; just as is our commitment in a globalised world.

TiComTec -  Innovative solutions for innovative ideas

TiComTec, short for Timber Composite Technology, is celebrating 10 years of business! Founded in 2006 we are a young company that already achieved overwhelming results all over the world. We are proud of our ever successful projects all over Europe as well as far away in New Zealand or North America. Although our ambitions are international, our roots are in the Spessart forest in Germany. Rainer Bahmer, head of TiComTec, is active in the timber engineering industry for more than 30 years. Many believe that the possibilities of the natural product timber are fully exhausted. But we can tell you: In the right combination with other materials lies huge potential for further timber usage. Together with one of the leading timber research facilities, the timber technology laboratory of the University of Wiesbaden, under direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Leander Bathon, we developed our wood-concrete-composite (HBV-Systems) and wood-steel-composite (HSK-Systems) systems. Revolutionary glued in HBV- & HSK-connectors are the key technologies for today’s modern timber structures in consideration of design, functionality, ecology and economy.  We are your reliable solution provider: From design & structural engineering works through to the components of our HBV- & HSK-Systems. 


The BECK Fastener Group is a family business founded in 1904, and has been one of the world's leading companies in fastening technology for over 80 years

Our customers are our focus throughout all processes. They benefit from our distribution policy, which focuses on resellers and which is characterised by a high degree of flexibility as well as comprehensive services.

At BECK we believe that quality is measured not only by the materials used, certificates obtained or the conformity of a product with a standard. For us, quality is synonymous with our corporate culture, which we live daily. We understand quality as a holistic concept that permeates all our corporate areas and processes and takes them to a higher level every day. This is quality "Made by BECK".


The BECK Fastener Group is a globally active, owner-managed company with offices in Austria, Germany, Italy and the United States.



One of the world’s leading publishers in the areas of architecture, design, and landscape architecture, Birkhäuser was founded in 1879 in Basel, Switzerland. Birkhäuser releases approximately 75 new titles each year – “must haves” for professionals in the field – and is home to renowned authors and architects such as Alvar Aalto, Le Corbusier, Andrea De-plazes, Herzog & de Meuron, and Peter Zumthor. Birkhäuser joined the De Gruyter Group in 2012.

With around 2,200 properties Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (BIG) is one of the largest property owners in Austria. The Group's portfolio consists of around 6.8 million m² rentable space with a fair value of around EUR 10.7bn and is divided into the business segments Schools, Universities, Special Properties and Offices and Residential Property.


Collanti Concorde, established in 1979, is a chemical company specialized in the production of glues and industrial adhesives; it is experiencing a period of remarkable growth being one of the leading companies in the field.

There are several main driving forces behind the success, which have to be sought especially in the wide range of products, which are all technically specialized, and in the technical abilities to face the different gluing problems with original and innovative solutions.
The goal towards which all COLLANTI CONCORDE’s resources are faced, is the satisfaction of our customer needs which come from different industrial fields, such as wood working, furniture, building, paper industry, packing and industrial fields in which particular technical coupling are required.

Particularly success-promising is XILOBOND T, the new  certified  polyurethane adhesive for timber construction; suitable for structural bonding of engineered timber.

XILOBOND T is a ‘one component’ moisture curing polyurethane adhesive, formulated with special high-performing polyurethane resins. It is suitable for structural bonding of engineered timber. It is solvent-free, formaldehyde-free and heavy metal-free.

COLLANTI CONCORDE needs, conform to the most different market demands, a continuous research and study on the most suitable raw materials and a strict quality control on the finished product. These factors, which are part of the company’s philosophy, allowed the market operators to recognize COLLANTI CONCORDE as a very liable company which is always abreast with the times.



Doka is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction sector. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries, the Doka Group has a highly efficient distribution network which ensures that equipment and technical support are provided swiftly and professionally. An enterprise forming part of the Umdasch Group, the Doka Group employs a worldwide workforce of more than 6,000.

Getzner – engineering a quiet future

Founded in 1969 as a subsidiary of Getzner, Mutter & Cie, Getzner Werkstoffe is one of the leading specialists in vibration protection. Solutions from Getzner are used in the rail, construction and industry sectors to reduce vibrations and noise, improve the service life of bedded components and minimise the need for maintenance and repairs on tracks, vehicles, structures and machines. The elastic bearings are based on the materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn®, both of which were developed and manufactured in Buers, Austria.

Alongside its locations in Buers and in Germany, Getzner also has sites in China, France, India, Japan, Jordan and the USA. Its tightly-knit distribution network in Europe is complemented by its distribution partners in the USA, South America and the Far East. The company's partners in a total of 35 countries around the world distribute Getzner Werkstoffe products to every location. By reducing noise and vibrations, Getzner is making a valuable contribution towards enhancing the quality of people's living and working conditions.


Resilient bedding of elements in timber construction

Mounting of flanking elements and modules

Alongside the direct passage of sound, sound transmission in timber construction is also influenced by the type of joint found between partition walls, side walls, ceilings and structural components; the type of material can also be an important factor. Here it is once again a matter of reducing impact noise, which has a disruptive effect on the environment.

For these requirements, Getzner offers innovative sound control solutions using Sylomer® and Sylodyn®, thereby increasing the level of comfort and thus the quality of life in the building.



  • Getzner is the leading development partner for soundproofing solutions in timber construction
  • Increase in the quality of life and working conditions in timber structures by means of flank bearings
  • Mounting of timber construction modules with Sylodyn® strips prevents sound transmission via the flanking path
  • Mounted ceiling structures can attain an impact noise insulation level Ln,w of 38 dB and a noise insulation level Rw of 79 dB
  • Simple dimensioning of bearings and fast installation for optimal sound insulation  

Graf-Holztechnik is one of Lower Austria’s leading wood construction businesses and your go-to partner for customized and high-quality wood construction projects.
Headquartered in the Waldviertel region, this expert wood construction company has made a name for itself thanks to its flexibility and versatility. Careful finishing, meeting all deadlines and great value are top priorities, and our clients always feel in good hands.

Among the company’s comprehensive services are timber structures, which comprise the so-called primary constructions (i.e. supporting structures such as wood bridges, observation platforms and event halls) as well as large-scale solutions with prefabricated elements for roofs and walls. In addition, Graf-Holztechnik offers traditional carpentry services such as roofing for challenging projects, attic build-outs in urban areas and historic building rehabilitation, to name just a few of our multifaceted projects. In addition, this pioneering company in all things wood construction also takes on smaller projects such as single-family homes as well as additions and remodelling work.

Graf-Holztechnik offers a unique blend of artisanal expertise, structural knowledge and sophisticated technology. The use of top-notch computer technology, ranging from statical/structural planning all the way to manufacturing, ensures a high level of safety, speed and great value while providing the creative space that’s paramount for extraordinary ideas to come to life.

Graf-Holztechnik grew out of a traditional construction business, Leyrer + Graf Baugesellschaft m.b.H., which is why clients benefit from existing synergies and the opportunities afforded by a large corporation with 90 years’ experience in the construction business.

Based in Schramberg, HECO-Schrauben is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of screw and fixing systems for wood construction, concrete and metal applications as well as for heavy-duty fixings. The company currently employs 250 people and avails of a production area spanning 20,000 m2. Core markets in Europe are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and France.

International Wood Fair and the HOLZ & BAU - The place where the international timber and forestry industry will meet in Klagenfurt from 1 to 4 September 2016 to find out all the latest trends. More than 500 exhibitors from 22 nations are awaiting you.



The place where the international timber and forestry industry meets

(Klagenfurt, 18 April 2016) – The Central European timber and forestry industry will meet once again in Klagenfurt from 1 to 4 September 2016 to find out all the latest trends in their trade at the INTERNATIONAL WOOD FAIR and the HOLZ&BAU event. More than 500 exhibitors from 22 nations represent the entire value chain on a 30,000 m2 exhibition space: from forestry to sawmill technology, from green energy to logistics, from structural engineering with timber to joinery & carpentry supplies.


  • FORWARDER AND HARVESTER COMPETITION: It's all a matter of speed in cutting and stacking.
  • FEDERAL APPRENTICESHIP COMPETITION OF THE CARPENTER TRADE: We shine the limelight on future master carpenters and present the amazing skills of the up-and-coming generation.
  • NEW PRODUCTS: The WOOD FAIR sets the trends and anticipates the future in forestry, sawing, timber construction, green energy and logistics.
  • HOLZ&BAU THIS YEAR WITH JOINERY SUPPLIES: The field of joinery supplies has been added to HOLZ&BAU to increase the provision for joiners at this event.

With 22,000 trade visitors from Austria and abroad, the INTERNATIONAL WOOD FAIR KLAGENFURT is the leading trade show for the forestry and timber industry in Central and South-eastern Europe. "We present a unique and representative cross-section of the entire value chain", says CEO Erich Hallegger and underlines the unique selling proposition of the Wood Fair within the European trade show scene. Its unique position makes the trade show so immensely attractive for high-level trade visitors, of whom 36% come from abroad. At the last event in 2014, 50% of all visitors were sole decision-makers in their companies. The Timber Fair more than lives up to its reputation as an international trade show: One in three of the 500 suppliers here comes from outside Austria; and the trend is growing.

Knapp Connectors

KNAPP®, as a family company, is for 30 years now the specialist for connecting systems in the field of wooden buildings. Our competence is the development and distribution of connectors for the wood processing industry, ranging from a single piece of furniture over window construction and facades to entire houses.  It all started in 1983 with an idea of Friedrich Knapp – to develop a simple connection for furniture- and interior construction, which cannot be seen after mounting and which is self-tightening. The orange connector CHAMP, resulting from this idea, has proven its worth millions of times and became a role model for all further products. All products have to this day one thing in common: they are concealed after mounting, self-tightening and demountable. Nearly all connectors consist of two structurally identical parts and captivate by their simplicity. Based on the first KNAPP®-connector for furniture- and interior construction, the product portfolio has been extended from window- and facade construction, over timber construction up to timber engineering and it is constantly being extended. Special solutions are frequently being produced, so that there is no limit to the ideas or requirements of planners and architects. Thanks to the market-oriented development, KNAPP® is always one step ahead. KNAPP® was the first in the industry to implement the cross grained wood screwing and the company has revolutionized the post-beam construction with products such as RICON® and GIGANT. The concealed mounting is one of the most important characteristics of the KNAPP®-connectors. This property labels all wood connectors. They are used in the post-beam, main- and secondary beam construction as well as in the wall elements construction and with the MEGANT® also in heavy duty construction.

The certified and patented connectors are marked with the German and French Ü- and CE-label and have a certificate of conformity and a declaration of performance. Through regular external inspections, they offer greatest safety to planners, architects and timber builders. The specially created calculation service gives you targeted and extensive support. In the course of the project description, the technicians prepare a pre-dimensioning with a recommendation for the suitable connector. The FIXClip bar for window construction is a concealed fixing for glass strips and enables glazing and sealing in one step. With the FASCO® profile for glued glass elements in wood-glass facades, KNAPP® offers a completely innovative fixing method for fixed glazing systems for indoor and outdoor use. With the profile, high loads can be carried by the glass which takes over the building stiffening at the same time. In Austria, Germany and France, KNAPP® is the specialist for connecting systems and sets trends. The worldwide distribution is expanded constantly with partners and specialist dealers.

Behind the name Knapp stands a team of engaged collaborators, who care about the direct contact: from the development, to consulting and shipment. With its innovative systems, KNAPP® offers certainly a good connection.


Pitzl Metalltechnik - Maximum of flexibility in Wood connecting systems

As leading supplier for wood connecting systems PITZL offers high end product- and project support to engineers and craftsmen. Our Service supports the whole process from the planning to the installation. High quality demands, which are required in modern wood building technology, are also proofed within PITZL’s philosophy since 25 years. In our manufacturing facilities PITZL stands for high standards „made in Germany“ along the entire value chain. „Changing applications, dimensions and technologies require maximum of flexibility of connecting systems“, explains CEO Thomas PITZL.

As manufacturer of all their products, PITZL can offer this flexibility according to their customers needs. All PITZL Connecting Systems are certified and covered by ETA (European technical approval) as well as based on high quality standards „made in Germany“. 

PITZL Product range is divided in 3 basic assortment groups:


  • HVP – Connectors
  • Post bases
  • Balcony & Fence posts



HVP connectors are two-part connectors made of anodised aluminium (for the optimum gliding quality). They are equally suitable for wood-to-wood,  wood-to-concrete and wood-to-steel connections. The HVP “slide-in”- connector system offers flexible and swift handling as well as fast planning and dimensioning of individual  connections. In addition to the comprehensive design manual, we provide an easy-to-use pre-dimensioning tool. You will find the  free design manual for download here.

Our pre-dimensioning tool can be found here.



When it comes to wood construction, maximum security and damage prevention are paramount. As a leading full-range supplier of wood connection systems, we have thoroughly tested the fire protection offered by our HVP connector system and included the results in our ETA approval.



Post bases are one particular product group for which the market offers a number of differing quality standards, even though post bases as such must withstand high stresses. This is true not just with regard to the loads applied, but also for the stress exerted by weather conditions. Such external factors are among the main reasons why Pitzl offers the exclusive option of a ZiNiP coating, which is certified for service class 3 according to the ETA.


Balcony- and fencepost & Accessories

With our  own manufacture and high own development efforts we at Pitzl strive at all times to offer  functional, efficient and user- friendly solutions. This is also true for our complete  balcony and fence post range, of  which various versions are available. Our broad product range is available galvanized or with customized coatings as requested

Further information : www.pitzl-connectors.com or https://www.facebook.com/PITZLSYSTEM

For more than 25 years, The Sansin Corporation  has been the only wood protection company focused exclusively on researching, developing, and introducing environmentally-friendly, ‘water-borne’ interior and exterior wood products. Designed for architects, engineers and DIYers too, Sansin’s wood products provide aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness. Its technologies deliver outstanding color, durability and performance without the toxicity found in conventional stains. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, there are dealer locations across Canada, the United States and Western Europe. Sansin Enviro Stains use water, not oil, to deeply penetrate and protect wood naturally, from within. Family-owned Sansin offers a premium brand, and is the only supplier to have a complete wood care line with a history of performance offering everything from interior and exterior finishes, to insecticides, preservatives, fire retardants and professional finishes.

Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld

With a total of 160 employees the company produces the complete program of wood construction screws of 3 to 12 mm diameter, and of lengths of up to 1,5 meters.

Equipped with all technical approvals as well as CE / ETA in Austria, Schmid Schrauben supplies especially the whole sale with high-quality screws including customised packings.

Every day we deliver over 30 tons of screws to international customers in the areas of industry, whole sale and home improvement stores.  Our screw systems RAPID® and StarDrive GPR® set quality courses on the market. And today we focus more than ever on the future: with million Euros investments in production technology and know-how.


SFS intec develops, manufactures and markets fasteners and installation systems based on construction applications, offering maximum customer benefit.

Well-conceived fastening solutions are called for to implement creative, efficient construction methods efficiently and cost-effectively in structural timberwork. With SFS intelligent and secure fastening systems innovative architects and structural engineers can achieve unusual design concepts inexpensively, without compromising on safety and aesthetic aspects. Efficient product solutions from SFS intec offers convincing advantages both for highly complex engineering structures and also in structural timberwork.

Sherpa Connection Systems is the leading technology in standardised timber connection systems and makes it possible to enhance the competitiveness of timber construction using uniform and consistent processes and procedures. Here, the focus is on excellent planning through to efficient assembly.

As an Austrian manufacturer, SHERPA serves the commercial and industrial timber construction using a highly trained dealer network worldwide. Extensive documentation on planning and international technical support also complete the services offered by SHERPA.

SIHGA GmbH - the largest specialist for fastening technology in wood construction

  • a privately owned company, based in Upper Austria
  • the innovation leader for fastening technology in wood construction 
  • develops on the Motto “From the praxis, for the praxis” 
  • is 9001 certificated 
  • products are certified and monitored by independent auditing institutes 
  • Decades of Quality from Austria 
  • SIHGA® developments: 70 patents and registered designs 
  • SIHGA® system concept: mounting accessories are included, all products are on stock 
  • SIHGA® specialist competence: 70 % of our employees have a wooden construction education 
  • SIHGA® system catalogue: with detailed technical information, features and benefits for each individual product
  • SIHGA® system videos: clearly product and installation videos 
  • SIHGA® online calculation tools
  • SIHGA® customer specific advice
  • SIHGA® construction recommendations 

Springer – a member of the Springer Nature publishing group - is a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. Springer is also a trusted local-language publisher in the German-speaking countries.

Springer published more than 3000 journals and more than 10000 new books in 2015, and the group is home to the world’s largest STM eBook collection, as well as the most comprehensive portfolio of open access journals.

Springer publishes some of the most highly-cited journals and a well-assorted book list in the area of Wood Science and Technology.

The STEICO Group develops, produces and sells ecological construction products made of renewable raw materials. STEICO is the European leader in the wood-fibre insulation materials segment. STEICO is positioned as a system provider for ecological construction and the industry’s only manufacturer to offer an integrated timber system which combines insulation and construction elements. These include flexible insulation materials and stable insulation boards manufactured from wood fibre. Insulation boards taking render systems for the insulation of facades (EIFS), insulation boards with racking strength, I-joists and laminated veneer lumber are the constructive elements. In addition, the STEICO Group manufactures hardboard and is active in the timber trade. The products of the Munich-based company are successfully used in the construction and renovation of roof, wall, ceiling, floor and facades. STEICO’s products enable the construction of futureproof, healthy buildings with the focus on high quality living. STEICO products reliably protect against cold, heat and noise, and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

The Schweighofer Prize is donated by the Austrian Schweighofer family, who has been engaged in the European woodworking industry for generations. Since 2003 the award is presented every second year, and is endowed with a total prize money of € 300,000. The Schweighofer Prize awards innovative ideas, technologies, products and services in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the European forest-based sector.